Joy, Sorrow, and Harmony

The holiday season is like a firecracker. Stirring slightly, quiet and calm, a part of the buzz of every day normalcy. Then in an instant, loud and booming. Everywhere we turn there is something that reminds us to be thankful, to give, to love, to be good, to praise, to sing, to be joyful. But hanging on […]

The words that died when we moved here

“It’s not my thing.” Or AKA “I don’t want to try it.” Are words that have died forever since moving to Japan. I remember coming here, having no idea what life would be like for Kyle and me. We both decided, that together and separately, we would try everything twice. We didn’t want to regret […]

To the Bunkasai, and BEYOND!

The bunkasai (文化祭) is a cultural festival put on by just about every stinking school under the sun in Japan. Not only high schools, but elementary and even universities have one every year! It’s actually part of regular lessons, and I do believe kids have to attend in order to graduate:) They may sound kinda […]

You look Japanese, but you aren’t.

I’ve never really felt like I fit in anywhere. Not in my entire life. (OK, that’s a lie, I felt like I fit in with my sisters… But then again, I don’t think that really ever counts…) I have always hovered somewhere on the outskirts of all the groups of people I’ve ever been around. […]


#Beastmode. Staying heart and head healthy no matter what; letting nothing get in your way. There are things that are harder to do when you move to another country. Especially one like Japan. When  walking outside is like swimming in a pool. OK, ok, so I’m exaggerating just a LITTLE, buuuut the combination of humidity, […]

Château Sharpe

Château Sharpe is a charming, comfortable B&B that offers travelers a private relaxing Japanese style room for a weekend getaway, family occasion, cultural events, local live music, and more, free of charge. Located in the beautiful City of Hirosaki, which is home to some of the best things Aomori-Ken has to offer. Château Sharpe has a […]

The Dirty Thirties

(//_-) <– this is my EMOticon. I turned 30, and while everything was AWESOME, after the high and happy feelings… the other day, I felt like this… It’s rare for me, and I can’t remember the last time it has actually happened. But one thing I know is true: in the middle of the night, […]