Château Sharpe

Château Sharpe is a charming, comfortable B&B that offers travelers a private relaxing Japanese style room for a weekend getaway, family occasion, cultural events, local live music, and more, free of charge. Located in the beautiful City of Hirosaki, which is home to some of the best things Aomori-Ken has to offer. Château Sharpe has a […]

Boarding, Beaches, and Babes; A Sharpe Summer Part 2: The Fun

“In the middle of winter, I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus Although you may be fooled, summer and winter tie for favorite season in my book. One part summer + equal parts winter = The Happiest Girl on the planet. Seriously though. I hate wearing clothes, I love the […]

Boarding, Beaches, and Babes; A Sharpe Summer Part 1: The Trip

July 25 Kyle: Babe, where should I put our passports? Tori: My purse is cool. Just stick ’em in the inside zipper pocket so they’re easy to grab at the airport. Kyle: OK sweet! (3 min later…) Kyle: Dude, what does that say right there? What is that date? Tori: May, 2012… Shut up… Are […]

Japanisms Pt1: Beautiful Bento!

Per your request, I’m officially starting the ‘Japanisms’ posts. These are short posts that give you a glimpse into Japanese culture and life.  It’s not about the right and wrong of the thing, but rather the differences in culture:) So, Enjoy the Japanisms Pt1 today, “Beautiful Bento!” Before coming here, we’d heard the word ‘bento’ […]

Oki Dokie

In Japan, the first week of May is called “Golden Week” where there are three consecutive holidays: 1)Constitution Memorial Day – a day to reflect on democracy and the government. 2)Greenery Day – A day to commune with nature and reflect on ones blessings. 3)Childrens Day – a day to respect children’s personalities and celebrate their […]