About Us


After spending 9 and 1/2 long months deciding whether or not I wanted to enter this world, I was born to Ronald and Kathryn Sharpe on October 27th, 1981 on Fairchild Air Force Base, outside Spokane, Washington.  My dad’s military career took me, my older sister Kim, and my younger brother Kevin all over the US before my parents decided Spokane was where they wanted to rear their young.  My brother and I were inseparable growing up and he continues to remind me of what fun it is to have a younger brother, and with the 9 year gap between Kim and I narrowing with age, I realize I am blessed to have such a wonderful sister and friend.  My parents are still married after 30 years, and I have learned much from their love, patience, and arguments over batgammon.  I have been so fortunate to have the family and friends from my youth, through college, and now on to Vancouver and I look forward to seeing all of you very very soon…..like April 12th soon!


Born and raised in Vancouver, Washington on May 18th, 1983 to my mom DeAnn Ranae Truong and my dad Phung Huu Truong. My stepdad’s name is Ross Jackson. I have an older 1/2 sister Kristi Lott, an older sister Star, a younger sister April, and a younger step brother Will. My family means everything to my life. I spent most of my childhood learning the Vietnamese customs from my parents and the rest of my aunts, uncles and cousins who moved here during the Vietnam war. My mother is 1/2 Chippewa Native American 1/2 White, and used to take my sisters and I to Pow-wows growing up to learn the history of our people. I experienced both good and bad growing up, and wouldn’t change any part of my life. I have been blessed through the experience of my family and thank God every day for showing me what LOVE really looks like through the love of my family despite the rough patches of our lives. I was a tomboy all my life, and still am to a certain extent:) If I didn’t have to grow up, I wouldn’t. I love people, I love laughter, and most of all… I love God. He’s given me such a fresh new perspective on life and love, and what it means to really be ALIVE:)


Kyle: My buddy Mike invited me to Pete’s one night in Pullman.  Tori was there playing pool.  The rest was history.

Tori: I totally saw Kyle in the other room at Pete’s Bar and Grill. I was quite interested in him and saw him talking with my friend Mike Guay. So… I asked a friend of mine to ‘go play pool’ with me in the other room, just so I could get the boys to see me and hope that Mike would introduce us. Being the loyal friend that Mike is, he called me over, introduced Kyle and me, and I immediately started falling for the kid:) We left that night not getting each other’s numbers or anything. In fact, I saw Kyle later that week at the Bookie (the student bookstore in Pullman) and got really excited, he is such a total babe and all:) So I waved at him, and I SWEAR he looked right at me and didn’t even smile. So I was left pretending like I was fixing my hair, then feeling like a total idiot. But it turned out that he wasn’t 100% sure if it was me and he didn’t want to feel stupid, so he didn’t say anything to me. He found me on MySpace later and wrote me a little message. And it was from then on that we started really getting to know eachother. We spent about a year getting to know each other long distance, until Kyle moved to Vancouver. We have been great friends for the past 3 years and I couldn’t have asked God for a better man to be with forever. How nerdy is that story!?