Japanisms Part 5: The Toilet Princess

If you’d like to remain under the illusion that women (especially Japanese women) don’t pee, poop, or fart, stop reading. Japanese women are very beautiful and modest creatures. In fact, even in the most private of places, they are still worried about being embarrassed. They would like to keep their softness and delicacy at the forefront […]


#Beastmode. Staying heart and head healthy no matter what; letting nothing get in your way. There are things that are harder to do when you move to another country. Especially one like Japan. When  walking outside is like swimming in a pool. OK, ok, so I’m exaggerating just a LITTLE, buuuut the combination of humidity, […]

Fun. 楽しい.

Today it literally hurts to sit, breathe, or move my head. I’m totally not exaggerating. Yesterday, Kyle and I were a part of a snowboard jam where we hit tons of different features in the park. Both of us took some pretty gnarly tumbles throughout the day as we perfected some of our latest tricks. […]

Throwing Peanuts at Demons

Yesterday, marked せつぶん(節分)(The division of seasons), the day before the beginning of spring according to the lunar calendar. I got to school, and found this on my desk: So basically, this is how it goes: Someone in your house puts on this mask (the Spring Demon) and everyone in the house stands in the entryway […]

Boarding, Beaches, and Babes; A Sharpe Summer Part 2: The Fun

“In the middle of winter, I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus Although you may be fooled, summer and winter tie for favorite season in my book. One part summer + equal parts winter = The Happiest Girl on the planet. Seriously though. I hate wearing clothes, I love the […]