What’s this!? What’s THIS!?

“What’s This?” An Adaptation by Tori Sharpe

What’s this? What’s this?
October 1st has fin’lly come
What’s this?
I need to get my costume done
What’s this?
So many movies
I’ll be streaming
Come on, Tor, it’s gon’ be fun!
What’s this?


What’s this? What’s this?
The colors are all wrong
What’s this?
Turn off dull, and turn bright on.


What’s this?
The store is filled with
shirts and skirts and hat things
I’ll make beautiful from crappy
How’d I get so freakin’ crafty?
What is this?
What’s this?


I’ll take this shirt and dress and skirt
then cut ’em up just right,
trace shapes just for each piece
and sew it up real nice and tight


Reminiscing ’bout the time
Oh, when I was just a kid.
And through these crafts had family fun
just like we always did.


Oh, look
What’s this?
This dress needs a V-neck, that’s it?
Make cuts it’s far too long, OK!
It’s time to set the panels in their places
get to sewing right away!
What’s this?


What’s this?
And now, we sew a little more, oh wow
It’s starting to be clear
I see!


Just cov’ring the dress with black and greens
Black green and yellow purple strings
And just a little more till done!
So, now’r, you real pround of me mom?
It’s just so fun
It’s just so fun
Oh, could it be it’s Sally’s dress?
What’s this?

Oh my, what now?
It’s time to draw designs.
Take care, to not make blurry lines.
No sleeves, so cut them to the length you wear them
slightly tear them, or cut a lil on the ends
Using the sleeves from old tees
What’s this?


The stitches need some sewing
So use real thick blackish string
A needle too that’ll fit this kind
Sew lines along the seams

And once you’re done, step back
and see, the thing that you have sewn
Just one more side to do
and then a Sally dress is shown


And now, the hair
costs more than the whole dress, who cares?
On Rakuten the wig, for cheap
The color of my skin’ll change from white to blue
This Mehron paint is just the hue.


I’ll blend it, oh, I’ll blend it
Oh, I’ll blend it with the white
I’ll do my best
I’ll do my best
It’s just the makeup that’s left now.

What is this?
Halloween, hmm…


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