Original Gangster.

O.G., original gangster /əˈrijənl/gaNGstər/ (pronounced “oh gee”)

Noun: An O.G. is a Orginal (old) Gangsta who let all tha up an comin G’s kno whass poppin an how ta keep they pimp hands way strong.

I have this supervisor. Her name is Ogasawara Sensei. She is a tiny, adorable, and kind woman with a very pure heart. She is the best supervisor any ALT could ever want in life. Every year on her birthday she insists that she’s 28, but I know she’s close to retiring. Every JET supervisor should watch and learn from her. She knows exactly how to help ALTs, knows how to make them happy, gets everything done on time and sometimes early, is an excellent teacher, and a great coworker. She’s just been around for a while.

Today I found this on my desk after coming back from giving my self introduction. In my self intro I tell kids my favorite food is taiyaki (like in this picture), and put a laminated picture of it on the chalk board.

Today I found this on my desk after coming back from giving my self introduction. In my self intro I tell kids my favorite food is taiyaki (like in this picture), and put a laminated picture of it on the chalk board.

3 years ago, my friend Alesha was like, “Mate… Ogasawara is a G. She’s been around forever and knows what you want bruv! She is perfect! They should call her OG!” And from that point on, we called her “OG Sensei” behind her back.

Alesha and me.

Alesha and me.

Sometime last year I let our name for her slip.

“What did you call me?” She asked.

I muttered, “Oh, ummm… (how the heck to do you explain OG!?) Well… Your name is Ogasawara, which is difficult to say, so OG is easier. Also, you know everything there is to know about being an ALT supervisor. You have been around for a few years now.” And I proceeded to explain what OG actually meant and the implications of the word itself. She appeared to be satisfied with my answer of being “oldskool” and how she could easily show everyone the ropes. She seemed to enjoy my little piece of American culture while accepting my name for her.

On Monday morning I rolled into the school after a rainy 30 minute bike ride. I remember it being a particular miserable day, and thinking to myself, “Oh man, sitting at my desk is going to be so boring, and now I am wet and cold.” How wrong I was. I stepped outta  my shoes, opened the door to the tatami room, took off my jacket, and changed into my work clothes. After finishing, I hung up my coat and started putting my shoes on when in popped OG.

“Ohayogozaimasu Tori sensei! I wanted to tell you… I looked up OG in the dictionary on Friday afternoon…” She told me.

“OH! You did!? Did you find anything?” I asked, stunned.

“Yeah I did.” She replied.

“Reeeeally? I’m so surprised that there is ANYTHING in the dictionary under O.G.” I exclaimed.

“Yes, there is. But… I can’t understand why you call me OG still… I mean, it is very very funny, but also very strange. I am not sure why. The word itself is funny.” She told me.

“Well, why don’t you show me later what it says! I am really curious to know.” I requested. And I really was curious.

I went about my day internetting and reading, when she approached me at my desk during 5th period.

“Tori Sensei! Here! I brought you my dictionary to show you. I want to make sure that I spelled the word correctly.” To my amazement, shock, horror, and hilarity, this is what I saw…


“Wait a second!! THIS word!? HAHAHAHAHAHHAA!! Oh my gosh Ogasawara Sensei… No, it’s OH – GEE, NOT Orgy!! You mean to tell me the entire weekend, you thought I was calling you Orgy Sensei!?” I laughed.

Holding her hand to her mouth and shaking with laughter, Yukiko explained, “Oh! Hahahahaha! I am so embarrassed. OH GEE… Noooot ORGY. I am so sorry! Hahahaha. I couldn’t understand this whole weekend! Well… I guess this just proves why it’s important for students to learn how to actually pronounce their words correctly! They can avoid mistakes like mine!”

“Teehee. Yes, I guess they can!” I giggled.

Now, she signs personal notes, and even initials documents with “OG”. The teachers in our section of the office even call her OG to her face and when referring to her. And every time we think about this little mishap… we laugh.


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