Japanisms Pt 3 – It’s in the details

“The secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life, and in elevating them to art.” -William Morris, artist

Japan is about the little tiny baby details. From the angle of a bow, to the order in which to eat a bento. Fascinating. I just wanna focus on something small here today: pretty food and cleaning up.

A couple weeks ago Kimberly and I snagged a late night snack at this crepe place downtown.
We went to get crepes, and came out with a lot more than that…
I was expecting like, a nice cute little crepe with pretty things on it or something, since Japanese food here is ALWAYS pretty. But the amount of energy that went into this thing was amazing.

Even down to the finest little detail like a chocolate heart between the bears! We both ordered a crepe, and both of ours were different. On mine, there were little rabbit footprints trailing behind the mound of crepe. But alas, I have no proof, as my phone died while trying to Instagram it up:/

So basically my mind was blown! That is, until I met Cedric.
20120424-121306.jpgThis is Cedric. He is our amazing French Couch Surfer for the time being. (And none other than Kimberly on the right)

Cedric revealed something to me from the smallest detail of every day Japanese life, and my life will forever be changed…
20120424-121335.jpgPlease tell me, What is this?

Most of you are saying to yourself, “An ordinary toothpick, wooptie frickin doo.” Yes, it is in fact one of the most innovative tools of mankind. But wait!! There’s more!! Look closely again at the flat end of the toothpick. Notice the grooves? Now, I noticed these a long time ago, and was like, “Man, someone sure took the time to texturize these toothpicks. They look nice, but why?” Why indeed…

What I am about to tell you will blow your mind. I am almost positive that 90% of you Japanese obsessed people would not have known what I am about to reveal… Are you ready for it? Scroll on my friend!

Step 1: Pick that nasty pepper and meat outchyo teef, then resume eating. But now that you’ve done that, where are you gonna put that dirty toothpick while you eat the rest of your meal? People might be grossed out by your lack of manners if you just set it down!! Oh no.
20120424-121344.jpgStep 2: gently break the toothpick at the grooved end and set it down.

I didn’t even realize you could break it clean off like that…
20120424-121353.jpgStep 3: Place your used end on your brand spankin new tsumayoujioki!! (toothpick stand)

I KNOW!!! Right? Mind = Blown

Oh Japan. You slay me.


2 thoughts on “Japanisms Pt 3 – It’s in the details

  1. hmmm there were tooth picks like that had grooves in them where I was. I wonder if that is why. now I want to go back and buy tooth picks and see if it works haha

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