Japanisms Pt 2: Cat Cafes and Cute Bathrooms

I am a cat person.

Here in Japanland, we have small houses.  In these houses some cannot have pets. So when living sans pet is just not an option, Japan, with its amazing people pleasing service skills, provides people with another option… CAT CAFES… You heard it sister! Cafes, with cats. For about 1,000 yen an hour, you get to pet the greatest animal on this God given earth whilst sipping on your favorite beverage.

This is Neko Neko (Cat Cat). It’s our little baby sized cat cafe here in Hirosaki.

Danielle, Anna, Kimberly, Nancy, and Claire

Here’s a little snap from the corner of the room.  Gettin ready to love on some of the little kittys!

They’ve got all kinds of cats to bug. From this beautifully fluffy orangey one…

To this ultra attractive wide-eyed stripey one. This one reminded me of my sister’s old cat ‘Play’ who went missing a while back.

The cafes always give you the option to play with the cats on cute little mats and stuff. There’s also a box with a ton of cat toys in it that you can use to make the cats go crazy!

Cats are cats, and sometimes they just wanna lounge around and sleep. This place had a bunch of climbing stations for the cats to chill on. Here, the black one was just chillin before, and the grayish one came in all jerk like and slowly pushed this little guy out. CAT FIGHT!

They don’t even mind when you pick em up and hold em!

The cats play peek-a-boo too! Hahaha. It’s like they don’t even care when you’re all up in their business, cuz they’ll get all up in yours.

Claire. The cat whisperer.

I always really like the little squishy faced ones. This dude just looked pissed all the time. I think that’s why he was my favorite. Cats are awesome. They love you when they wanna be loved, and when they’re tired of you they just run away. PERFECT.

Now about those bathrooms… So, it’s not just in places like cat cafes, but in normal every day houses and restaurants. Like, they have all these cute little things to decorate your toilet and your toilet paper holders and stuff. It’s so strange to me. So, often, one can find the hand-washing sink right above the actual toilet, and in the little drain people put like cute plants or something to catch the water. It’s crazy. But here’s the one at the cat cafe…

Mini cat chillin on the counter? Check. Picture of a cat next to the sink? Check. Mirror stickys? Check.

Look! I am such a cute kitty! Go ahead! Pee on me!

And no worries, we got the good luck cat waving you to come over to the urinal! Just in case you don't wanna waste your time with the western toilet.

That cat’s name is actually Maneki Neko, in case you didn’t know. And before I got here, I always thought he was waving at you! You know, like “Hello! See ya later!” or something like that… Now I know that the motion he is making is the only they use to tell a person to “come here” He is basically the beckoning cat, and is considered to be good luck/fortune for businesses. The cat with the left paw up is beckons new customers to your business. While the right paw up brings good fortune or money. I personally, want the latter.

And finally, these are the cute little toilet paper roll covers I was talking about. You can find these in all colors, shapes, and sizes. SUPA CUTE!

So, there ya have it. Cat Cafes and Cute Bathrooms. Tune in next time for: An inside look at Purikura booths!


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