White Hot Rock & White Cold Snow

White Hot Rock poster. These were up all over Hirosaki in various stores and such.

January 28th was a sweet sweet night for all of us. Kyle’s band played their first show where they organized, hosted, and promoted everything on their own. We had more than 200 people come out to support them! A bunch of our friends threw underwear at Sho to say ‘thanks’ for gettin the band together. They successfully earned enough money to cover the recording costs of layin down a full album in April! So many of our friends, both Japanese and foreigners, are STOKED to get their album! Yay!! Checkout http://www.breakandrunout.com/ for some high quality pictures from the show.

All our friends, out to support them!

What was really cool about this night was that their hope was to have people from all cultural backgrounds and music tastes, out in the same room to enjoy some good tunes. And it totally happened. It was awesome to see our Japanese friends meet our JET friends and everyone celebrating during the after party too!

Moe and Ryo, high school students from the opening band LAUT. They totally rocked!

Kyle looks smokin in this picture! But besides that, what was really special about this night, was that all the bands involved with the show were some of our really good friends. LAUT, which was the the opening band for the show, is made up of 4 students from my base school that I work at here in Hirosaki. This is Moe (bass/singer) and Ryo (guitar). Kyle always complains that Ryo is a much better guitar player then he can ever hope to be (which is probably true), but either way, the kid can WALE on the guitar!

A couple weeks later was the winter snow festival here in Hirosaki. I sucked at getting some good pictures this year, but either way, it was still pretty rad. We had some friends from the other side of the prefecture come hangout the night before a great day of snowboarding. There were 6 people sleeping at our house, and itchin to go the festival and get up to the mountain.

People built these snow lanters everywhere around the castle. Some were 20 feet tall, while others were around 5 feet or so. The picture is a hand painted Neputa style design. Each year someone takes the time to paint these and put them on these lanterns.

Here's another hand painted work of art, placed right in the snow. This was Kyle's favorite:)

As you enter the castle park walls, there are a bunch of these little lanterns dug into the walls of snow. They are lined up all around you, making you feel like it's Christmas all over again. Romantic as all get out.

This is a snowslide. We are about to go on it. Some of our friends went 3 at a time. Which, was definitely rad.

THESE were behind the castle... I hate to admit this, but we TOTALLY missed seeing this. I stole this picture from one of my friends who went last night... Our group was SO focused on the snowslide, eating, and beer, that we completely missed this part. What a frickin shame.

It’s been a good couple of weeks. We’re missing our family and friends back in the states. But while we’re here, we’re gonna make the best memories that we can. Life, is what you make of it.


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