Welcome Home

So Kyle and I got 2 new neighbors this year from the JET Programme… They are awesome.

Stacy’s 24 and from TX. She grew up in Singapore and speaks really great Japanese. She is wonderfully quirky, is the sweetest girl ever, and is SUPER tech savvy and great at IT stuff!! She’s the only white person I know who speaks softer than a Japanese woman, and has the mannerisms to match! She’s active, loves to workout and is athletic. Favorite quote this year: “I said it in joke… I mean jest”

Kimberly’s 21 and from Idaho. Grew up in a small town at a small school. She is super smart and hates outdoor activities:) She is really funny and has a dry sense of humor. She finishes/starts my sentences all the time. She owns nothing but heels, and when she first got here, when she rode her bike she wore these horrific paperish sandals they give to you for free at hotels because she didn’t have any normal shoes. Favorite quote this year: “Well tori, you know what they say… Don’t fix it if it’s not working… Wait, what’s wrong with that?”

I tell you about these two because they basically live at our house. Almost every night they come over. We watch movies or Dexter. Or just sit around and eat and do nothing. Lately we have been playing the Wii. Often times you’ll find them at our place when we’re not even home. Kimberly leaves something at our house EVERY TIME, not on purpose mind you. Stacy is always cleaning up our dishes, or falling asleep on the couch, the table, the floor, or wherever. Because of all these things… Kyle now calls them ‘the kids’ or ‘the kiddos’ or ‘the girls’ (not to be confused with ‘the twins’)

Stacy on the left and Kimberly on the right (at our friend Chiharu's wedding)

Two weeks ago Kyle and I left them by themselves for the first time since they moved to Hirosaki. We went to the States to visit family for Thanksgiving. I tell you all this, because when we returned, we got the BEST WELCOME HOME MESSAGE EVER!! Feast your eyes on this beauty:

Yeah… we gotta good life… and kids:)


2 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. Hahaha! That’s awesome!! I love creative people like that. It sounds like they’re a blast to sit around and do nothing with. Definitely two thumbs up! I’d give more but I only have two thumbs. b( ^ ^ )d

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