Mama and Papa Sharpe

Life’s rad. We’ve had a LOT happen since last time we wrote. And although we promised to be better at updates, we’ve really kinda dropped the ball on all that.  Our bad. So this time I thought I’d share about a bit of the summer time fun we had in August! Kyle’s parents Ron and Kathy Sharpe came to town and enjoyed a bit of the slow life with the locals of Hirosaki. Enjoy our photoblog!

Here is what I caught on video:) A treat JUST for you!


3 thoughts on “Mama and Papa Sharpe

  1. I LOVE IT ALL! Keep it coming folks!!! I’m so glad the parents were able to visit you. Miss you guys so much. Oh, and that video was great. ha!

  2. Wah, I wish it was August all over again! It was nice to get to meet Kyle’s awesome parents and thank you so much for taking me to see the rice field art. That is still, to date, one of the most amazing things I have ever seen here.
    Loved this photoblog. 🙂

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