Mr. Kyle Gets a Job!

Well folks, looks like Kyle’s days of being a snow and tattoo bum are over! Starting Monday, May 9th, Kyle will start teaching little Japanese preschoolers! He is SO lucky! In actuality, Kyle will still be ‘volunteering’ at our friend Haya’s tattoo shop in the evenings and on weekends. The snow season is over and I’m sure he’ll pick that right back up come November… but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Basically M-F 9-2 Kyle will be commuting about 45 minutes away to Aomori city to teach, take the train back and help cleanup the tattoo shop, and on weekends 12-5 help Haya again.  We totally feel blessed for Kyle gettin this job!! YAY!

It's like Kyle was born to teach these lil tykes! This is Kyle workin at Ajigasawa. The little girl just came up to him and started singing a song she learned on TV for him. Might've been the cutest freaking thing we've ever seen!

So about our working life… During the winter Kyle’s been workin as a ski and snowboard instructor at Ajigasawa. He gets to wear a bright orange getup while he teaches mainly English speakers. Misawa US military base takes trips to the mountain often, and Kyle was the only English speaking instructor there. Sometimes he would get an occasional Japanese speaker, and he’d have to fumble through his vocab to try to communicate. We met an amazing Japanese family who lives in our town, and they ALL speak great English (which is a rarity) It’s a husband, wife, HS girl, JHS girl, and Elementary boy. If we haven’t mentioned it before, he is the first White dude the resort has ever hired. During the weekdays Kyle’s been workin at Eternal Crest, a great local tattoo shop here in town for our friend Haya.

Just another day at work:) Taku is the artist who gave Kyle his latest ink. Maybe we'll dedicate a post sometime soon to the ink we've attained by being in Japan:) Who woulda thunk it!

As far as Tori’s job is concerned… it’s just like any ol teaching job! The job is mostly with the Ichi Nensei students (Sophomores) teaching them how to use their classroom English in the real world, and communicate in a conversation. It has been surprisingly challenging! It is compulsory for Japanese students to learn English starting in junior high school, so students have a pretty good start to the language. But, because they don’t use it in daily life, they lack the ability to communicate their thoughts and ideas in English. Luckily, Tori loves being an educator, so this kinda thing is right up her alley!

These are all the teachers from the English department at Hirosaki Minami Koko, Tori's base school. They have been a really awesome group of people to work with, and are very open to letting Tori plan all their team teaching lessons. It has been a great experience!

Tori is now teaching about 6 lessons a week at her base school. Almost every week she visits another school on Tuesday and Thursday, and teaches 3 classes each time she visits. In total, there are 3 schools she works at.  Minami Koko- academic high school with students who are college bound, Jitsugyo Koko- technical like a trade school, Owani-low level not good English and will mostl likely go straight to work after graduating.

These are 2 students who graduated in March. I asked permission for them to use their picture and got the OK. I would post some more, but legally I can't if they are of students (sorry). BUT along with teaching lessons, I am also in charge of English club after school. We meet once a week and practice speaking English together. They call these creepy (to them they're cute) pictures purikuras! They have booths setup all over the place, and they allow you to alter your eyes so they're bigger, make your skin and hair lighter, add makeup, backgrounds and all sorts of stuff.

Japanese people love ALL things かわいい (cute), hence their want to doctor up their little photos to appear cuter then maybe they are:) I sit next to a male teacher who brings his lunch in a bright yellow snoopy bag covered in little chicks and doggies. Inside, he has a baby blue bento box with more snoopy figures on it. It’s crazy!

Even their food is super cute. Here's just ONE example of how something so simple as a donut can be made かわいい!

Everything down to the way they package and prepare their food is super cute. They are ALL about presentation here in Japan. You can really never expect your food to be brought to you without looking absolutely gorgeous in some way or another.

My super CUTE friend Saki at a little cafe that served up sweets and coffee. This was the prettiest freaking raspberry sundae thing I ever saw. And it was absolutely delicious! PS can you guess how old Saki is?

 There are a lot of cute things I could put up here, but thought these two would suffice:) Where as in America, all the people wanna be sexy and naughty, here people want to be cute and good. I’m sure there’ll be lots more for you to look at in the future. But whatevs. But the cutest thing that I love about Japan, is the way the kids refer to us…

A paper from a student. We don't think we'll ever get tired of students calling Kyle "Mr. Kyle" 🙂

“YOUR MR. KYLE” If that isn’t cute I dunno WHAT is!!


One thought on “Mr. Kyle Gets a Job!

  1. What a great post, Tori!! Its really great to be able to follow you through your journey in this way! Its great that Kyle found a job. I don’t know if times are as tough over there economically, but working as teaching must be such a rewarding experience. 🙂
    Its seems like you both enjoy Japan a lot, which I think is amazing. Thx for keeping us posted! And with such fun pics too!
    Ps. I guess Saki is 26. How’d i do???

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