The College Try and Our 3rd Anniversary

On April 12th, 2008 we gave our relationship a good ol college try. Fastforward three years later… and we honestly couldn’t imagine feeling happier then we do right now. We have lived every moment of our marriage with no room for regrets or missed opportunities. We don’t mind if sometimes we seem a little a young for our age, cause we love what we do.

Asking Kyle if he’d be available April 12th to play a live show with the band (for whom Kyle is the rhythm guitar/singer/songwriter). To which Kyle responded, “Yeah I think so! Hey Tori, do we have anything special goin on on the 12th of April?” *Insert raised-eyebrow, closing of eyes, and shake of head here* Although it was funny that Kyle forgot about our anniversary, we decided that a live show with our friends sounded like the best possible idea to celebrate our anniversary!

We had a lot more friends come out to support the show than expected! It was an awesome surprise. Our Japanese friends came as well as JETs from the Hirosaki area! It was so awesome to see all our friends in one place to enjoy some music and hangout on our anniversary.

Our friend Ayumi bought us some beautiful flowers!

And wrote us a sweet letter:)

At the beginning of the night, Kyle didn’t really know how the show was gonna be setup. In fact, he wasn’t even sure there would be an opening act for them. It was during sound check that Sho told Kyle that a band called, ‘Joyful’ would be opening for them. No one really knew what to expect because they had never heard Joyful play live before. They had no idea what kind of music they played, whether or not they were good on stage, how old they were, or anything. So, everyone just crossed their fingers and kept a happy attitude, and good thing they did! Joyful ended up being a group of guys in their twenties who had an oldskool punk sound. Kyle was super impressed and LOVED their sound! So EVERYONE ended up being happy!

The band ‘Joyful’ which was really fitting since they were so freaking げんき (Energetic)!!

The College Try (from left to right) Yuki (lead guitar), Kyle (vocals/rhythm guitar), Sho (bass), Kazuya (drums)

Our friends were really impressed with Joyful, and I think the band ended up selling a lot of their EPs:) They had so much energy and were just such great performers. When they stayed to watch The College Try it was fun to see them havin the same amount of fun while they listened:) Our friends who’d never heard Kyle sing or play before, were very impressed with his musical abilities, and we were both super proud. Around the middle of the set, we surprised our friends by singing a song together, which was actually on Tori’s Bucket List. It’s an awesome feeling checkin one of those bad boys off!!

Rockin out with the harmonica

Belting it!

Singing the tattoo blues! Song was written for Haya, Kyle’s boss, friend, and tattooer.

Puttin checks on the bucket list

To celebrate our anniversary after the live show, Sho set us up to pay 1500yen for all you can eat/ all you can drink at Mag-Net (the music venue). They served up some fantasic chicken nabe, spicy beef pasta, spaghetti with marinara, yakisoba, tuna onion salad, and some yummy rice thingy. Almost all of our friends stayed to celebrate with us after the show! Kyle and I were just expecting to eat with everyone and drink some stuff, and just enjoy conversation, but would that be all…


The band surprised us with an AMAZING cake from Hotel New Castle Patisserie, which serves up some of the best tasting sweets in Hirosaki! They also gave us a BEAUTIFUL Tsugaru husband and wife chopstick set. The boys at Eternal Crest (tattoo shop) along with Hana from Street Lounge (Hip-hop clothing shop) presented us with a set of husband and wife mugs with a lucky demon adorned on them. Tori’s good friend Saki gave us some beautiful hashioki (chopstick stands) in the shape of cherry blossom petals.

Our table of unexpected gifts. We are so grateful and can’t believe our friends are so awesome!

After opening all the fantastic gifts everyone grabbed something to drink, and Kyle gave the kampai (toast) to start the rest of the evening. Everyone raised their glasses, and in unison yelled, “KAMPAI!!” and quite unexpectedly, loud firecracker noises bounced off the walls! Then dozens of tiny pink paper hearts rained from the ceiling! Sho, had taken us by surprise by handing out a bunch of popping party favors for everyone to pull after the kampai. It was so awesome.

Confetti hearts perfectly placed on the rim of the table.

We cannot express the warmth and love that we felt on Tuesday. It was one of the best nights we have ever had in our lives. Hirosaki has really become our home this past year, and when we eventually make the trek back to the States, it will be incredibly difficult to say goodbye to everyone:) But, for now, we will continue to live every day as a new adventure! Thanks to everyone who came out to support The College Try, to celebrate our anniversary, and for making our first year in Japan an amazing one! For our friends in the states, we miss you guys, and hope you can come visit us some day!


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