The Snowboarder’s Prayer

Our Father who art in heaven,

snowboard be thy name.

Thy kingdom come,

powder days be done,

on earth as it is in the snow park.

Give us this day our daily shred.

And forgive us our face plants,

As we forgive them who faceplant against us.

And lead us not into moguls;

but deliver us from ski schools:

For thine is the chairlift,

the poma, and the gondola.

Forever and ever,


Hey world! It’s been a while. Wish I could say I wrote that prayer myself, but a dude named ROBster did:) So, kudos to whoever he is! We have been super freaking busy ever since the snowy white wintery season began. Each and every year our lives become consumed with the pillowy chilly goodness of the mountain, and sometimes we are nowhere to be found. This year, has been no different. When Kyle and I say we go to the MT at least 3 times a week, we mean it!

Life’s been rad. hands down. We have been enjoying the pow, enjoying our jobs, enjoying life. Kyle works 2 jobs now; One at a tattoo shop called Eternal Crest, and as a ski and snowboard instructor at Shirakami Naqua Resort on Ajigasawa. It’s been a really natural transition from the States to Japan. We have found it extremely easy to make friends just doing things that we already love to do, no matter how big the language barrier is for us. I play futsal (a kind of indoor soccer) on a team with all Japanese speaking people, and Kyle does his thing at the mountain in the same kinda position. We’ve also met some great JETs along the way!

This is part of the NaturaRhythm crew up at Ajigasawa (the MT we ride). They asked Kyle and me to be a part of their 'crew' and rep em on the slopes. Super big honor as they are really good, really cool, and build the parks there.

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These are just some of the pictures from the mountain. We are learning a ton and progressing as riders! It has been super exciting. What has been WAY different has been riding with people that are actually our age or older:) We spent so much time in the States mentoring and riding with fearless HS teenagers that we forgot what it was like to not feel old and rundown. Haha!

This is our beautiful baby, 'The White Night' he is the newest addition to our family. Right side steering indash TV/DVD player:) Gotta love Japan! I reeeeeeally suck at right side driving...

These are the dudes that have made our lives so much fun here in Hirosaki. The three dudes on the left in order are Haya, Sho & Taku. Haya is Kyle’s boss, Sho is Kyle’s best friend here, and Taku is a shop artist and good friend. LOVE EM!

Anyway, so that has been our life the past couple months, I just realized we have SO much other crap to update everyone on, so look for more pictures and stuff to come in the next few weeks. Take it easy and enjoy the beautiful day!


One thought on “NaturaRhythm

  1. I’m seriously jealous of your guys’ location.

    How is Kyle’s Japanese? How hard was it to get a job as a ski/snowboard instructor there?

    Have some extra super powder fun for me.


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