Tatami equals yummy

I am tired.

I spend my days sitting, at my desk, willing my eyelids to stay propped open. Sometimes I will find a fan and use it to see how long I can fan my face with my eyes wide open. This kinda dries em out enough where it hurts to close them:)

It’s working a little. I am less tired.

While I do this I have a million teaching ideas racing through my brain. I think of the success students can have, the drawbacks, if it can be adapted to learning needs, how I can incorporate Japanese pop culture, whether I even KNOW Japanese pop culture, how it will benefit teachers’ previous and future lessons, what things I enjoyed about learning Spanish, what worked for me as a student, how do I get students to try, I will need to know them beyond school, how do I get to know them that way, find out where they hangout, where the hell DO they hangout, what do I say that they can understand, how can I make myself more approachable, how can I leave a good impression on this school when I leave, will they remember me as a GOOD teacher, will they remember me at all, how can I get to know teachers better when they’re so busy, why am I so tired, what time is it?

Time to nap.

Then I look up and only a minute has passed. I still have 2 hours before my next lesson. In America teachers get one period off. In Japan, they teach, prepare, teach, prepare, teach, prepare, club activities till 6, prepare, go home at 8

I am still tired.

So when I get tired, and I don’t want to sleep, I go to the tetami room. It’s like a little room of Heaven placed in the corner of the school, at the back of the women teachers’ locker area. I have provided pics for you. Here… Is where I lie on my back, on the ground, stretch my limbs, do a few yoga poses, flip on my belly, and inhale the most beautiful smell of rice straw I have ever smelled. I cannot describe how wonderful the smell is. If you have the same job as me I suggest you try it. Every day I go to school I take 5 minutes to go to the tetami room, inhale, and smile. I have the best job in the world.

I am not tired anymore.


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