I Heart Leo DiCaprio

I chose the title of this blog, because one of the kids today totally said, ‘I heart Leo DiCaprio too!’ with the brightest smile across her face I’d ever seen.

I literally JUST finished team teaching my first lesson in Japan… EVER. It will be the only `first lessson in Japan` I will ever have in my life. In a word? Success…

A bright beautiful cloud of silence and blank stares hovered above every single student`s little Japanese head:) But at the mention of Leonardo DiCaprio or Michael Jackson? Eruption of whispers ensued. And here, my friends, whispering while the teacher`s talking is like American kids clapping their hands in the middle of a lesson:) It was really funny.

So, this is short and sweet, my self-introduction may have been as boring as hell to me, but the students? They loved it. I can`t wait to see what the rest of the year brings, and I just hope they will all soon be comfortable enough to say a sentence in English to me without looking away.


One thought on “I Heart Leo DiCaprio

  1. How cool is that! I think with the respect that the kids show is amazing! It will be great to watch them blossom!
    Oh and tell Kyle I am happy for him getting that job! it’s not the most glamorous but it will make it easier for you guys and I think he will like it too.

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