Atsui desu ne!

On August 5th my eyes flickered open…

1:30… 2:15… 3:03… 4:10… 4:55… 5:30…

It was like sleeping in a steam room. Too hot to sleep, too humid to be comfortable, too sticky to stay in bed… and so, I decided to finally ‘wake up’ and lift myself off my matress. Funny thing was, when i was at Tokyo orientation just the day before, all my new friends told me that I was ‘lucky’ to be going to Aomori-ken! Where it was much cooler and comfortable then the Southern parts of Japan. Oh! How they were wrong!

The first couple of days were the hottest days I have ever felt in my life. I have never lived in a place where you could actually EAT THE AIR!! Everyone around me told me that “it’s never this hot in Hirosaki” and “this never happens, it’s usually much cooler” Lucky me! I got to experience something Hirosaki never experiences! Yipee!! 🙂 I spent the first week with my supervisor running necessary errands, which I am so thankful for her assistance, only to come home to a blazing hot apartment.

Usually I like to go home, relax, and enjoy my alone time when I’ve had an exhausting day at work in order to recharge. My first week in Hirosaki consisted of me… sweating when I was sleeping, sweating when I was showering, sweating when I was getting ready for the day, sweating when I was laying around the house, sweating when I was eating, SWEATING EVERYWHERE! A few hours later, with warm sticky limbs, I heaved myself off of my black leather couch and paced around the room, wondering how to cool off. I grabbed my keys, locked the door, and made my way down the steps of my apartment  building.

Five minutes later I arrived at Hirosaki Eki, the main trainstation in town, which is extremely close to my house. I brushed the hair from the front of my face, took the rag in my hand and wiped it across my forehead, clearing it of the sweat that continued to accumulate. After I got off the escalator, I glanced to my right to see what looked like a department store. I stepped through the automatic doors and I felt a perfectly cool breeze of HEAVEN that God stuck right in the middle of the train station just for me, sweep across my cheeks. AIR CONDITIONING!! I sat in the station for the next 3 hours, and I would continue to visit the train station after work for the next three days to stay cool and smiling.

Cool, rainy, and a little less humid. The past few days have been amazing. I don’t think I will miss the 95 degree days with 80% humidity if they never come back:) And although I experienced the blistering heat, I still love my new little apartment. Many of you have been wondering what it looks like, so… here is our GLORIOUS new home!

About the bathroom… I’ll explain that in one of the next blogs!


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