Parking Lot Road Rage

We grabbed our bag full of goodies and waved goodbye to the cashier in the checkout line. She smiled back and told us to enjoy the weather and have a great day, which was our plan from the beginning.

Kyle grabbed my hand, linking fingers as we exited the clear glass automatic double doors, the sun warming our faces as we left the building. In a bit of a hurry, we shuffled to our beautiful dirt covered Subaru.

As we approached our vehicle we saw a woman babbling on her cell phone, rolling a cart between our driver-side door and what we thought to be her green van closely parked next to ours. As we came upon our car, the woman scurried away, leaving the cart wedged betwen our car and the van’s, then headed directly to her maroon soccer mom van parked directly on our right. Kyle and I exchanged baffled glances at eachother and Kyle exclaimed to the woman, “Are you serious!?” to which the self-absorbed idiot replied, “Yeah I’m serious.” hopped in her car and slammed the door shut. The cart corrall was literally on the other side of the green van, to which she would have seen, had that impudent woman just taken 5 more steps and been courteous enough to put her own crap away.

Blood boiling and adrenaline pumping, Kyle grabbed the cart and rushed behind the woman’s vehicle, where he planned to leave the cart firmly planted behind her bumper. Unfortunately, I stopped him and told him just to let it go and that  it wasn’t worth it. We drove away quite silenlty, contemplating how numb minded that asanine woman just was. We caught her, doing something a grown woman should obviously not do.

As we approached the traffic light, words began spilling out our lips, flooding the car with questions of how and why a person would do something like that. Gah! I should have let Kyle leave that cart behind the woman’s van, inconveniencing her to get her lazy butt out and move it herself. But unfortunately, my kindness kicked in first, and now I regret not saying something else to the woman. I still, cannot believe, how rude that woman was. But either way, I am glad we caught her in the act.

And to the woman who chose to be a lazy old hag: I hope we see you one day. We’ll make sure Kyle pees on your car.


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